Poem: U’s brittle 

Tidy space. Clean white. Methodical. Coated. 
Many instruments abound. Moving. 

Safety glasses cracked acetate. 

Bib adorned. Positioned../..

Now the taste of cloves. Think a bout asking why? Remember can’t talk. Mouth wide and gagged throat. Tasting cloves and metal. 

Peering wildly skywards. Again

It’s Bridget Riley. Black. White. Fissions. Greys interlocking. Mirrored 

Uu u u uu u’s

U for unbearable

U for ubiquitous

U for you keep your mouth wide 

U for undone

U for utterly scuppered 

You for tired with this and zoning out and the chair not arching with your back so there’s a gap and it’s worse than what’s boring into your mouth. 


Marred grey walls and reactive polar sets beget my tussled recall and filmed truncated visions. I long for the blue beneath. 

Poem: New World Order

Can you envisage a new world order? Where nighttime becomes the day and children play in the moonlight allies?

Can you envisage a particle collapse? A place where gravity has no pull and you float along in the air. 

Can you determine the truth of it all? Transistor. Hydrogen. Bubble.

Higs Bosen hydrogen collider to multiuniverses in multiuniverses. 

Can you resist the urge to dream?Wake up one day and find yourself in a spa capsule plugged into Tangerine Dream on repeat. 

Can you smash down the government? Weekly newspaper supplements and gingerbread lattes. Mocking the Bullinger boys and sharpening the pitchforks.

Can you find a place to be? Hiding in the cosmic shadows and dancing along to the fuzz. Making noise, cracking up, imploding and exploding. 

Sometimes, sometimes I see it all but sometimes I screw my eyes and see nothing. 

Poem 1110151653

Sunday Sounds like icicle clicks
Bracken breaking
And fire
In Nordic lands
The red light interior spotlights
Like a forgotten Lynch scene
Rumbles deliver frequencies
Strap you in to something more than this
Bite sized fragments pull vertical stretches and crumbling
Red wine and Guinness
Atom splitting types and
Political beat poetry
Coverts the preached no more
But rallies the gathered
In beautiful darkness
(For this is for everyone)

You, Me and Brian

The multiverse is now impossible to ignore
Inflation constantly brings universes into existence

Ride the quantum physics tide

The double slit electron particle test

The infinite multiverse with infinite copies of you

The magical multiverse tour

Our observable universe

The quantum multiverse where all possibilities are happening simultaneously

The cosmic background

Gravitational waves

Quantum computers tries all the numbers at once in parallel existences

Equations are the foundations on which reality is built

Every equation is a multiverse in its own right

It’s a radical idea


Gold ingots in the sand at Fokestone Prompt phone messages and taxi connections between 

distant relatives 

Takes time to analyse and participate 

Feel credited feel vilified by this 

Sprung from isolation 

Curried anxieties 

Jellied MSG 

And frogs lots of frogs

Tighten feathers around the bird and hold onto the chassey for it might take flight

It might 

Just might 

And I don’t fear this though no doubt I should 

like Anne Frank being discovered by the Nazi’s

Shredded beef being discovered by the vegans 

Partially decayed being discovered by